This is what I figured out...

I learned so much from this injured period. I had to be a “good patient” and learn to listen to my body on a whole new level. Walking with crutches and in a CAM boot forces your body to make all sorts of adjustments that you truly don’t understand until you LIVE it.  This time completely changed how I manage patients recovering from stress fractures AND how I guide all my patients back to running from injury. During my recovery, I got creative with my training and it was during this time, I was introduced to my rockstar mentor, the Major. Remember, I was pretty down in the dumps, unable to run, unmotivated, and feeling defeated. Major opened my eyes to functional exercise, kettlebell training, and helped me pull away from my PT school trained brain of protocols and waiting for the orthopedic to give the “all clear”. I got my butt in the gym, and quickly realized a few things…

  1. The upper body ergometer is boring BUT a great cardio & warm-up tool if your lower body is out of order.

  2. If you want to meet people, please go to the gym using crutches and wearing your CAM boot. People will go out of their way to talk to you, encourage you, and interrupt your workout.

  3. My hips and core needed some serious work--I was spending a lot of time on the mat in the early stages. Some of my favorites were plank variations, quadruped and dead bug drills, and using med balls.

  4. I discovered my love for kettlebell and HIIT training!

After 4 mos, I completed the slow transition to wearing shoes full time and began the much anticipated return to run phase of my recovery. Since so many people have asked me what I did to get back on the pavement, Stephanie & I combined our resources and created a 3-Phase Return to Run program that I’m super excited to tell you more about. Our R2R program is designed for runners logging 1-20 miles/week and includes strength and plyometric progressions. If you or someone you know is struggling to increase mileage, looking to improve speed, and experiencing setbacks in training, the R2R program could be the perfect solution.

Next week, the R2R program will be available to YOU at a special rate with lots of added bonuses! Check out your inbox and follow us on Instagram & Facebook so you don’t miss out!

Did I learn from MY mistakes...

It soon became obvious why I suffered this injury. My training was lacking something. Something HUGE!

I had completely overlooked PLYOMETRIC & STRENGTH exercises. 
I did some random warms ups with quick feet and box jumps but no diligent plan or proper progression. Outside of this, I had done everything right....
✓ I ran 4 days/week with no >10% mileage increases.
✓ Did 1-2 strength workouts per week, and went to bikram yoga every couple weeks.

My lack of conditioning these skills cost me time, money, inconvenience, and broke me down physically and mentally. 

4.5 months in a CAM boot, using 1-2 crutches at all times to avoid pain with weightbearing AND another 4-5 mos until I could actually run without the pain creeping on. 

My lack of conditioning these skills cost me time, money, inconvenience, and broke me down physically and mentally. 

4.5 months in a CAM boot, using 1-2 crutches at all times to avoid pain with weightbearing AND another 4-5 mos until I could actually run without the pain creeping on. 

Side note: In elementary school I remember seeing some injured kids using crutches, thinking, "oh those look like fun!!" Other students would carry their books & you get an elevator key! Be careful what you wish for!

I missed work, others had to go out of their way to accommodate me.  
I was slow. I was tired and fatigued and I was depressed, a lot. 
Let me be clear, this injury is spilled milk compared to a lot of folks I’ve seen & known over the years. I’m in NO WAY seeking pity.  I hope that sharing my story will help you be more PROACTIVE than I was and identify gaps in your training. I also want to increase AWARENESS of how injury impacts multiple systems and to most, injury extends beyond time out of an activity you love. 

Stay tuned and I will tell you exactly what I did to REHAB myself back to running again...


Doctors are the worst...

...patients. I'm sure you've heard it said. I am the rule, not the exception. 

I remember this run like it was yesterday. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and my husband & I were on mile 5 of a 10 mile run, our LAST run before the big race and I suddenly felt a pain in my left foot.

Not just an ache or catch I could jog off but a sharp pain that stopped me in my tracks. When I realized I couldn’t shake it off, I made the 2 mile hobble home.

That evening, I had convinced myself it was a sprain or a fluke pain and that I’d plant my feet the next morning and feel as though nothing had happened. (This is what I call: Post-Injury Denial Syndrome. Don’t judge, you know you’ve been there too!)

The next morning, my foot still hurt. That week, I had self diagnosed that I was dealing with a stress fracture and I most definitely would not be running anytime soon. The unusual part about my stress fracture is that I had never experienced pain in my foot prior to the time of injury. I experienced shin splints here and there but nothing in my foot.

Now, before I go on, there's a few things I want you to know...

  1. I’m a P.T. and I’m not supposed to get injured.

  2. I had trained for 4 months, ran 4 days/week while working 50+ hrs/week, oh and I had 2 hrs of commute time...this was pre motherhood so in retrospect I actually had PLENTY of time!

A few days later, I saw an orthopedic doctor and my suspicions were confirmed.  

X-rays, 1 MRI, 2 crutches and a CAM boot later, I was humbled knowing that I’m not above injuries of ANY kind. I was sentenced to the CAM boot and non weight-bearing as long as pain was present. As someone who never sits down, this was not an easy one to swallow.  How long did this take ?!?….I will share the rest in my next post as my 1.5 yr old needs me to wipe, hold, kiss, make, or pour something…