Scoop Business of the Week: Sergent Wellness

Scoop Business of the Week: Sergent Wellness

Here at Louisville Scoop, we have opened your eyes to a multitude of new fitness trends and ways to change up your old routine. But what about if you’re feeling some soreness from trying new things and are looking to get some expert opinions before you jump into something new? Look no further than Sergent Wellness!

Composed of three strong women, the team at Sergent Wellness believes in empowering the lives of others, whether that be one physical therapy session or a personalized training plan structured to help you achieve long term goals. Having a dedicated therapist or trainer allows you to build authentic relationships and reach your highest potential. By seeing a physical therapist, you can take care of your mental and physical needs in one place. 

You don’t have to be injured to see a physical therapist. Look into Sergent Wellness to conquer everything in your life.

Dr. Julie Sergent and Stephanie Seeley will work together to help you achieve any goals you have in mind when you set foot in their inviting office. If you are curious about just learning more about stretching and keeping your body working just right, check out their Instagram, which is full of great tips to pack into your pre and post workout warm-up and cooldowns. Here’s a great #simplestretchsaturday video to warm up your hamstrings and lower back.