Have you had repeated injury?

Do you suffer from a “Bum shoulder”, “Bad knees, low back, hip, etc?”

Are you sidelined by the long list of things you “can’t do?”

Are you pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant or in the post-partum phase?

Are you looking to build a foundation for a healthier, less-painful life?

Do you have specific performance goals you aren’t meeting with your current gym or coach?

Do you have weaknesses that are holding you back and you aren’t sure how to tackle them alone?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, rest assured you are in the right place!  

Whether you are returning from an injury, are new to exercise, or looking for accountability + support + guidance, working with our ReIntegration Specialist completes the recovery process full circle.

We’ve found that physical therapy alone, while it offers exceptional results, still leaves the patient with uncertainty when it comes to their training. Combining the knowledge of our physical therapist + RS allows us to offer programming with a purpose and significantly reduces set backs and return of symptoms.

We offer a number of services including…

Tailored Training

1:1 personal training that allows patients to continue exercising to their max potential during and after their physical therapy plan of care. Coach Stephanie and Dr. Sergent collaborate to create a truly personal program.

Post-Injury Training

You have one or more chronic injuries or health conditions that limit your progress. Post-Injury training is designed with your specific problem areas in mind, equipped with exercises that build a solid foundation, improve overall strength, and increase your body’s resiliency to set backs. Coach Stephanie also works with you on the mental aspect of reintegrating to your desired activities, training or sport.

Pre & Post-Natal Training

The pregnancy and postpartum period are exceptional times in a woman’s life, and every woman’s experience is different, even from one pregnancy to the next. These variations require a unique understanding of what a woman may be experiencing, from both a psychological and physiological standpoint. Every woman has a unique set of values, priorities, desires, resources, and goals and we consider each piece when designing our PPN programs.

Benefits of Tailored Training

  • 24/7 Access to Sergent Wellness Team

  • Custom home + travel workouts (built based on available equipment)

  • Programs are built with collaboration of both ReIntegration Specialist + Physical Therapist