At Sergent Wellness, it is our mission to enhance and empower the lives of others.

We use progressive treatment options to provide comprehensive care plans, leading our patients to recovery from pain and injury. We strive to foster positive growth in physical & mental mindset, and to equip our patients to return to their optimal self.

In 2014, Sergent Wellness was born inside of a tiny crossfit gym on Frankfort Avenue. My office resembled a closet more than a treatment facility. I was doing what I loved in helping people move, feel, and recover better. I began this practice with my sole objective being to practice physical therapy sans the constraints of insurance reimbursement rates. Having worked for several companies across a spectrum of care settings, I quickly saw that productivity and quality of care were inversely related. I was a compassionate therapist looking for a way to jump start the love of my career. I created my cash-based business and grew it slowly over the past 4 years. Since the “closet office”, I’ve spent time renting space in crossfit facilities and have been seeing patients full time at my current space since early 2016, I stopped working 2 jobs and was finally able to dedicate myself fully to the practice.

We believe in:

Focusing on your purpose.

Remember that your role in the practice is essential. Remain goal focused as it relates to your assigned duties and each patient we serve. Be present.

Best possible outcomes.

Provide an exceptional experience beyond expectations. Every patient’s path to recovery is unique. We take time to understand our patients individual stories and goals and create a comprehensive plan to recover, educate, and re-integrate them back to their fullest potential.

Reaching your highest potential.

We foster an environment of growth and learning. We are a practice of self-starters who are never satisfied with the status-quo. We are always learning and not afraid to try new things. Personal growth and development using open and honest communication and regular feedback is vital to our success.

Authentic relationships.

Patients are part of the Sergent Wellness family through all stages of life. Employees and staff are also connected and invested in serving the long term goals and mission of our practice. We strive for essential communication with patients about their body, treatment, and exercises. Less chat, more communication!

Healthy and active lifestyles.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Exercise regularly, get regular treatment; be proactive about your health for your patients, friends, & family.


In this small, growing practice, working seamlessly together with clear, honest communication is essential for an efficient, patient-focused environment.