How is Sergent Wellness different?

Our patients are tired of the run around of doctor's visits, unnecessary X-rays, MRI's, "take this", "Don't lift that." Our patients are ready for action and change. Our patients are ready to partner with a professional and compassionate team that understands the frustration and exhaustion that comes with the inability to participate in the lifestyle you love. Our patients have tried everything else and are ready for a progressive, unique plan, customized to their goals, lifestyle, and priorities. If this sounds like you, click here and a member of our team will be in touch!

How many appointments will I need to make?

At Sergent Wellness, work for our PATIENTS instead of insurance companies. This allows us to design a treatment plan according to YOUR specific needs, using the best suited treatment methods to reach your goals. On average, our new patients complete 1 visit per week and a full plan of care in 6-8 weeks.

Is there someone that can do it better?

Like the old saying goes, there’s 100 ways to skin a cat, but is there a better way to skin the cat? In our opinion, yes there certainly is!  We’ve found that being out of network allows us to work for our PATIENTS instead of the ever-changing insurance based model. Our model allows us to choose treatment plans that reflect your specific needs with an emphasis on manual therapy techniques, posture restoration, prevention, & education.

Where do I start?

Click here to fill our form and we will reach out in <24 hours.

What’s in it for me?

Your time is valuable and you can count on each visit being productive from start to finish. After the initial consult, you will leave with a solid understanding of your diagnosis, suspected cause of your pain/injury, and the recommended plan of care, including projected number of visits to achieve desired results, be it returning to full participation in CrossFit classes or having the freedom to play on the floor with your children. 

For each subsequent visit, you can expect to have clearly defined activity modifications and a progression of your home program. We strive to equip our patients with strategies to ensure the highest level of participation in life despite presence of pain or injury. 

How much will this cost me?

We offer physical therapy programs suitable for any budget. We encourage our new patients to invest in their full plan of care, allowing us to closely support you on your journey to wellness. We invite you to fill out this this form and one of our team members will reach out and see how we can best serve you. 

Can I use my insurance? 

Sergent Wellness is an out of network physical therapy provider and payment is due at time of service. We accept Health Savings & Flex Spending Account cards as well cash, all major credit cards, and checks.

Upon request, we provide a detailed invoice that you may turn into your insurance provider. Download our worksheet* for help navigating your benefits.