Annie Brown | TMJ

“I came to Dr. Julie because I literally couldn’t eat without having severe pain. I’m happy to report that I don’t have pain anymore. I have no problems eating and I don’t even have any popping, which is so awesome!”

Lauren Faust | Plantar Fasciitis

“Dr. Julie didn’t only want to fix my problem, but she wanted to make sure I could reintegrate back into the sport that I liked to do and that I was able to perform at my best.”

Ilana Kayrouz | Sciatica

“I can’t say prior Physical Therapy didn’t help at all, but I never felt like the pain completely resolved and seemed to recur as soon as I was finished with the therapy. Dr. Julie is a lot more detailed in figuring out the exact area that causes the problem and is more hands on with physical maneuvers that I didn’t have before. That’s made a big difference.”

Aundrea Lewis | Osteoarthritis

“I saw Dr. Julie originally for a knee injury. About a year later, when I obtained a shoulder injury from working out, I knew I had to call Dr. Julie.

Autumn Drane | Slip and Fall Accident

I felt immediate relief in the times that Dr. Julie performed dry needling and she taught me different exercises that would strengthen the areas that had weakened due to the accident. She walked me through, step by step, the proper form. I was able to replicate that out of the office, really focusing on the exact technique.“