From a very young age Dr. Julie was exposed to the infinite benefits of Physical Therapy. Growing up, Julie’s mother was a nanny for a wonderful family and one of the children was traumatically injured in a car accident at the age of 6 months old. Resulting from the accident, she was confined to a wheelchair, completely dependent on caregivers, and required multiple surgeries over the years. She spent several days per week working with physical and occupational therapists through all developmental stages. Being 2 weeks apart from her in age, Dr. Julie spent the first 6 years of life seeing her friend endure the challenges in simple tasks instead of being able to play carelessly. Today, she is honored to have observed that period of recovery and is forever grateful since it was this experience that opened her eyes to such a rewarding career path.



I am a passionate and progressive leader in the field of Health, Wellness and Coaching. My goal is to reach as many people as possible in order to support their fitness and wellness goals through body positive messaging, healthy movement and intentional living. As a former college athlete and competitive weightlifter and powerlifter, I know what it takes to guide individuals to their goals through sustainable habits, healthy choices, and an intentional mindset.

I have learned from some of the best coaches over various industries including Team USA Olympic Field Hockey Head Coach and Director of Coach Education Craig Parnham, World Masters Weightlifting Coach Ben Carter, and George Washington University Director of Strength and Conditioning and columnist Todd Hamer.



Kendra Simon is an Office Manager who coordinates the day to day operations of Sergent Wellness. Kendra works with patients throughout their unique plan of care to ensure they have access to the appointments and resources needed for a successful return to their desired activities and goals.

Kendra believes that a healthy and active lifestyle is key to optimal wellness, and enjoys working with patients and witnessing their progress along the way.

A certitied yoga instructor and former soccer goalkeeper, Kendra enjoys being active outdoors throughout all seasons - especially hiking, paddle boarding, and skiing.