At Sergent Wellness, our mission is to empower the lives of others. We believe in innovation and transparency, which is why we use progressive treatment options to provide customized care plans that take our patients from a state of injury to a state of achievement. Our approach fosters growth for our patients both mentally and physically so they can truly heal and become the best version of themselves. Quality treatment can be both effective, efficient and sustainable- that’s our promise.

We believe in:




We help active adults & athletes of all levels get back to the sports and life they love, avoid unnecessary doctors visits and injections by emphasizing injury prevention and optimal performance.

Our first priority is patient care, and satisfaction.

Our patients are tired of the run around of doctor's visits, unnecessary X-rays, MRI's, "take this", "Don't lift that." Our patients are ready for action and change. Our patients are ready to partner with a professional and compassionate team that understands the frustration and exhaustion that comes with the inability to participate in the lifestyle you love. Our patients have tried everything else and are ready for a progressive, unique plan customized to your goals, lifestyle, and priorities.